Riding a Ghost

Have been riding motorcycles in different states since 1980 and in over four decades of riding I have had my share of Honda’s and Yamaha’s. When I walked into a Honda or Yamaha dealer, ready to buy a motorcycle, never, did I visit more than one dealer and always rode away with a motorcycle.

Purchasing a motorcycle is an experience in and of itself, but having driven a few miles on motorcycles, my last motorcycle, Honda Shadow Spirit 750cc, had over 35k miles and had a bidding war when I sold it, thought I had a handle on the purchase procedures of buying a motorcycle!

My current motorcycle and the topic and reason for this page is a 2012 Victory Kingpin. Purchased with nine miles on the odometer, after eight months of ownership, had over 8k miles and no, I do not use the motorcycle to commute to work. Now in 2021 the odometer reads shy of 46k!


Greater Motorsports of Palm Beach Sucks

Greater Motorsports of Palm Beach Sucks

It all started back in 2013, when a friend asked if I wanted to go to a demo ride of Victory Motorcycles.

Never knowing the hoops I would have to jump through to purchase my 2012 Victory Kingpin.

Having to visit three different dealerships within South Florida, Greater Motorsports of Palm Beach is where I ended up spending my money.

Purchased: March 2013.

October 2013 the rear drive pulley sheared from the wheel. (A known overspray issue between the wheel hub and drive wheel.)

When trying to have the issue resolved at Greater Motorsports of Palm Beach they refused to service the bike and had to send it up to Best Buy Victory in Fort Pierce (103 miles away) to have repaired.

Greater Motorsports of Palm Beach closed in October of 2017, three months before Victory Motorcycles stopped production.

If the dealers that Polaris had signed had been competent and service orientated, Victory Motorcycles may still be in production but it was not to be.

Victory Motorcycles…

Rest In Peace - Victory Motorcycles 1998-2017

Rest In Peace
Victory Motorcycles 1998-2017

The Victory Motorcycle motto of “Ride One and You’ll Own One” is very true!

The factory demo rides that were offered throughout the country during the year were a great way for a prospective customer to not only ride any Victory Motorcycle, but also get an idea of the type of ride they will enjoy. No other motorcycle manufacturer, that I am aware of at the time of writing, offers the ability to ride before you buy. Whether it is Touring, Bagger or Cruiser, you have the ability to ride each one and make your own decision. I learned that I was not personally comfortable on a Touring or Bagger type of motorcycle, enjoying the Cruiser type of ride. Usually it’s, buy it and if you don’t like the motorcycle you selected; tough!

After attending a Factory Demo Ride in Feb. of 2013, and after the worst customer service in two of three Victory Motorcycle dealers, including the Victory Motorcycle dealer the Factory Demo Ride I attended, that took place in South Florida, I tried and finally succeeded in purchasing a Victory Motorcycle in West Palm Beach!

With all the investment Victory makes to acquire a customer, the dealer network here in Florida must cost Victory Motorcycle sales! If, what I went through to purchase my Victory Motorcycle is any indication, I would not expect many people would put up with it, let alone subject themselves to it. As evidence to the statement, all three dealers had 2012 Victory Kingpins on their showroom floor as year old models (wonder why they did not sell earlier, in two out of the three dealers I visited, I can understand why they did not sell!)

What now…

2012 Victory Kingpin

March 2013
Take Possession of a
Factory 2012 Victory Kingpin

2012 Victory Kingpin

Ghost Riders’ 2012 Victory Kingpin – 2015

Ghost Riders 2012 Victory Kingpin - 2021

Ghost Riders’ 2012 Victory Kingpin – 2021

Many die hard Victory Motorcycle owners dumped their bikes shortly after the January 7th, 2017 production stoppage announcement. Plunging prices of both parts and every model produced. Seriously considering doing the same around the time, but then after some thought I came to the realization of why I purchased in the first place, it seems like a no brainer, the first reason I bought the bike was the ride! The fact that, other than the drive pulley issue, the bike has been flawless. Change the oil, tires and make sure the right places are lubed and it is a great bike!

Having no complaints, flawless performance, it makes no sense to sell it and instead have been taking advantage of the unbelievable pricing of parts that are being dumped and stocking them if I ever have an issue. If I don’t I can always recoup my costs when reselling.

Overall, I believe with time Victory Motorcycles will eventually increase values simply because of it’s flawless performance and exceptional value!

Really feel very lucky to have the opportunity to purchase my 2012 Victory Kingpin and will ride it; till the wheels fall off!

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