2012 Victory Kingpin | Factory to Custom

Whenever riding and especially when visiting a Victory / Indian / Polaris Dealer, responses about the accessories mounted on this 2012 Victory Kingpin have been guarded curiosity, if not, complete disbelief that with the amount of accessories, the Kingpin continues to operate flawlessly.

With the exception of having anyone in the Victory / Indian / Polaris Dealer network doing any work and the resulting documented issues, the 2012 Victory Kingpin has gotten better with miles behind it.

02/16/2017 – Update

Updating the page with rides and noticed the term “Custom” as the caption for the image above. Have revised the caption to “Custom Factory OEM” (Original Equipment Manufacturer), the reasoning being of all the added accessories “Custom”, only one would be considered “Custom” to the true “Custom” builders out there.

The Citizens Band (CB) Antenna Mount was the only thing personally hand crafted “Custom” on the 2012 Victory Kingpin. The KewlMetal Luggage Rack – Chrome and the HeliBars Horizon Rebel HZ700SR multi-axis adjustable handlebar system originally designed for HD, yes that HD, but fitted to the 2012 Victory Kingpin would be considered “OEM After-Market”. Every other piece bolted to it is “OEM Accessory” & “OEM After-Market”.

Polaris Victory Motorcycle Accessories

Lock & Ride Mid-Height Windscreen | Lock & Ride Windscreen Brackets | Rear Trunk | Semi-Hard Saddlebags | Saddlebag Brackets | Speedometer Feature Unlock | Tachometer | Cruise Control | Heated Grips | Heel Shifter | Chrome Highway Engine Guard | Dipstick Thermometer | Victory Soft Lowers with Pockets | Deluxe Cruiser Storage Cover | Beacon LED Headlight – Chrome | Highway Engine Guard Pegs | 2013 Victory Logo Tank Badges | Air Temperature Sensor | Passenger Handhold Kit

Aftermarket Accessories

Digital Guard Dog Keyless Ignition | Mustang Wide Touring Two-Piece Vintage Seat | HeliBars HZ700-SR Rebel | Smooth City Pounder Stainless Bar-End Weights | Doran 360M Tire Pressure Monitoring System | Lloydz Adjustable Timing System | Lloydz Quarter-Turn Throttle Ring | WitchDoctor Kickstand Extension | Ultimate BeadRider Seat | BeadRider Quick Release Straps | Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs | Memphis Shades Lowers | Grip Puppies | Arlen Ness Beveled Gas Cap – Chrome | Arlen Ness Lower Triple Tree Cover – Chrome | Arlen Ness Victory Handlebar Clamp – Chrome | Ramball Handlebar Clamp | Ram Ball | KiWAV Aluminum Oval Black Mirrors | KewlMetal Luggage Rack – Chrome | KewlMetal BackRest

Resolved Greater Motorsports Incompetence

Purchasing the 2012 Victory Kingpin at the now Out of Business Greater Motorsports of Palm Beach. The first scheduled service at 5,000 miles, having the oil changed the incompetent mechanics under the supervision of the Service Manager Kurt Reickel at the time, stripped the Oil Drain Plug in the crankcase. After trying many different ways to repair the issue, Arizona Victory Oil Drain Repair Kit did the trick and totally resolved the problem created by the most incompetent service staff I have ever encountered!

Arizona Victory Oil Drain Repair Kit

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