Partly Cloudy Sunny Day

Partly Cloudy, Sunny Day Ride!

Oil Temp: 230°

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(Legend: MPG = Miles Per Gallon | APC = Air Pressure, Cold | APH = Air Pressure Hot)
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** This ride includes the attempt to participate in Cops Ride For Kids on Saturday, December 2nd. Battery died and replaced it for today’s ride. **

It would be sinful not to ride on a beautiful day like this. This quick ride starts at Dunkin’ Donuts for those that need something before leaving. The gas station is next door to make sure your tank is full, too. We meander through Wellington and take Southern to the Lake, scooting up the east side to Port Mayaca for a short overlook. From there it’s up to Martin Highway and down Citrus to Pratt Whitney Rd and into Royal Palm Beach the back way. With luck, we’re back before the heaviest traffic.