HeliBars Horizon Rebel HZ700SR Multi Axis Adjustable Handlebar System
Comparison of Rebel HeliBars

Had the HeliBars® Horizon Rebel HZ700SR multi-axis adjustable handlebar system that was originally designed for the HD installed on the Rider’s 2012 Victory Kingpin.

Initial installation was done without the cables (brake, clutch) being changed from the stock OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cables and to the techs credit at HeliBars, they did make them fit, however with severely limited adjust ability. In order to fully enjoy the modification of the controls the OEM cables had to be replaced with extended aftermarket cables.

Because of the HD configuration, for lack of the technical term, the ruff clamp areas (gnarly knuckles) of the mount, overlap to the interior of the mounting clamps on the Victory Kingpin. The Victory Kingpin has a wider mounting tree than the HD. This issue results in about a one inch area gnarly knuckles (again lack of the technical term) not being covered and ascetically displeasing!


Conquest Customs replaced the cables two months later.

To resolve the displeasing view of the gnarly knuckles, old riding partner took a chrome shower curtain rod, cut it in down to the space between the tree mounts and then cut it in half. Double sided tape did the job and the gnarly knuckles issue was resolved for many miles…

Arlen Ness Scalloped Handlebar Clamp Victory Kingpin V 1019

Arlen Ness Scalloped Handlebar Clamp Victory Kingpin V 1019

Then I came across the Arlen Ness Scalloped Handlebar Clamp – Victory Kingpin – V-1019 (No Longer Available). No more curtian rod and although it was a great bandaid, the Arlen Ness Scalloped Handlebar Clamp covered the entire mount area adding just a touch of the Arlen Ness Victory Motorcycle heritage.

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